PHYSICIAN COACH & SHADOWER                                   

  • Most health care organizations struggle with improving the patient experience through a physician shadowing program because they don't know how to get physicians to "buy-in".  

  • I provide organizations a strategy to get physicians on board, open to change, and actually grateful for the advice. I also provide physicians simple techniques to overcome common patient issues.   
  • The result is happier patients, happier physicians, and higher patient satisfaction scores.

More than 1000 physicians have benefitted from this program.

1,000 physicians shadowed

I have had the privilege of working with physicians who have worked at the top hospitals in the country.  I spend most of my time at Henry Ford Health System, but a lot of the doctors had once worked at other hospitals at one time or another. I got to shadow and coach and learn from the very best.  

  • I noticed very early on that the key to improving the patient experience is to improve the physician experience. We cannot forget that physicians are people, too. 

  • Why would a standup comic get into healthcare?  How does a standup comic get into healthcare?  Can a standup comic be effective in healthcare?  

  • No matter how many times we've seen a patient, no matter how well we think we know them, no matter if things seem to be going perfectly, there is almost always an elephant in the room, and it's one of these 6 elephants. 

  • HAPPY NURSES DAY!  Here is a song that I wrote and performed a few years ago for the nurses of Henry Ford Health System.  I recorded it again today at home in dedication to all the nurses around the world. “We Can’t Do Without You”. 

*now available in webcast*


"Physicians Are People, Too":  Treat the physician as we are asking them to treat the patient.  Matt shows exactly what that means, reminds them of the pressures physicians are under, and how this helps physicians learn to be open to change.

"Elephant In The Room":  Patients always bring elephants in the room, whether they tell us about them or not. Matt shows how and when to use  the behaviors we have been teaching for years to expose the elephants and send them on their way so they can focus more on the patient. 

"What's Your Song?":  It is difficult to remain motivated and inspired working in a health care setting with all the pressures and emotions at play.  Each person has a song to sing.  This uplifting message reminds caregivers of their "why", reminds them of their gift, and reminds them of their "value".  


MATT can coach individual physicians through some of the toughest of scenarios, with follow-up & accountability. 


MATT can teach Health Care Systems how to implement the shadow program.  He will take you through step-by-step from start to finish.  A strategy that works. 


MATT will show your staff a direct walk-through of a shadow from scheduling to shadow to debrief and how to make it go as smoothly as possible.


(Not available in webcast)

MATT will literally shadow your physicians one-by-one as a jump-start to your shadow program.