After performing as a Standup Comedian and Musician for 20 years, how did I end up doing Keynote Presentations on Patient Experience for Healthcare Companies around the country?  I get that question a lot, especially from physicians that I've shadowed and coached. Most think it is a strange transition. For me, it made perfect sense. For more of the story of how I went from Standup Comic to Healthcare Communication Specialist      CLICK HERE  

For the past few years, I have been working with healthcare companies as a consultant by teaching and coaching their frontline caregivers engagement skills. I have presented to tons of corporations, customizing material for specific groups. For me, Healthcare is the most noble industry for which I can utilize my talents. I have shadowed nurses, administration, housekeeping, security, food prep, transporters, nurses, PA’s, MA’s, nurse practitioners, residents, fellows, and senior staff physicians. I spent most of 2017 shadowing attending physicians at Henry Ford Health System.

In one year, I shadowed over 350 physicians in hopes to assist them with creating improved patient experience. The latest and greatest news is that every department that has been shadowed had significant improvement in their Press Ganey scores, while all the departments that have not yet been shadowed have shown stagnant scores, or decreased scores for the most part.  

I have been able to take all of my experience and present it to large groups, with the assistance of my skills as a former comedian and musician. We are all creative people and love the arts and entertainment. What better way to teach and engage than with comedy and music. I am so blessed to be able to use my God-given talents for such a noble group of people. My mantra for being the most effective shadower, coach, presenter, and trainer is “Physicians are people, too.” They are amazing, smart, thoughtful, caring, genuine, and have families. They are under greater pressures than most of us will ever experience. This is why they deserve to be heard, understood, and worthy of any help that we can give them. I treat them just as I ask they treat patients.  

"Matt Jernigan is an exceptionally creative presenter! He was able to adapt his unique blend of skills for our Henry Ford staff with great ease. Matt is able to beautifully blend relevant content, examples, creativity, and humor in a way that is lively and engaging for a diverse group of professionals.  I heard from many staff that they applied ideas they learned in the presentation back at their departments. Because of his ability to be so flexible in his approach, Matt has proved to be a wonderful think partner. He is extremely sincere in wanting to create lasting and measurable results."  

Kelley Dillon, Director of Care Experience

Henry Ford Health Systems

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