Where music and message collide

Before he began presenting Keynote Presentations on Patient Experience, Matt was speaking to crowds and entertaining audiences for 20 years. Initially, Matt pursued a career in acting in Los Angeles and was fortunate to book several commercials, TV spots, and Film.  He worked in commercials for Hyundai, The Grammy's, Fox NFL Sports, and he even booked a Superbowl Ad for Pizza Hut. He has been featured on TV shows on Comedy Central, NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.  Matt worked on several movies, and was also hired as a writer, voiceover artist, and jingle writer for several commercials. You can currently hear Matt everyday on SiriusXM Radio's "Laugh USA", and he has original music played on stations around the world.  

While living in LA, Matt unintentionally fell into doing standup comedy and music in clubs, speaking to college students, and motivating corporate crowds, and was able to make a steady living at it.  Although he enjoyed working in TV, Music, Radio, and Film, Matt soon realized how much of a bigger impact comedy can have the way it breaks down the walls that typically keep people from receiving a positive message. 

He also found that music engages audiences in a major way. While comedy opens up the door to receive, music prompts people and allows them to be moved, inspired, and retain what is to come.  Both music and comedy require a relationship; a giver and a receiver.  This relates to our work and our lives exponentially.  

Matt is a gifted singer, impressionist, comic, and musician. Over the years Matt has spoken to thousands of young people about the importance of staying drug-free, bully prevention, and building self-esteem. He loves speaking to corporations about how to keep spirits and morale high, realizing their value and potential, and how to deal with criticism and rejection. Name a venue or group, and has probably Matt has done it and left a lasting impression.  Matt's comedy is a mix of song parodies, musical impressions, and audience participation.  He has performed parodies of Justin Bieber to Elvis Presley, from Snoop Dogg to Garth Brooks, and everything in between. 

Matt's comedy drives his presentation, and best of all, it is 100% clean and appropriate for any group.  His goal is to make sure that the entire audience has fun, laughs, and leaves with a positive, encouraging message.  Matt is also gifted at customizing his material specifically towards all types of corporations:  health care, agriculture, software, sales/advertising, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, and more.

Matt is originally from Tabor City, North Carolina. He has a Degree in Communications: Broadcasting with a Minor in Theater Arts & Speech from East Carolina University.  After graduation, Matt lived in Los Angeles for 13 years, and recently moved to Detroit to be near his wife's family.



Matt will give you 3 key ways to discover, nurture, and grow your talents, and why your gifts are paramount no matter what your position.

“Vulnerability Unlocks Creativity” 
Matt will prove that you are capable of things far greater than you know, and give you 3 simple exercises that will help you discover more each day.  

“Awful: 100% Guaranteed”
Matt will create a song, on the spot, to unlock the many possibilities that don’t yet exist. He will put the entire group, and himself, in a position to create something new, unique, and customized, emphasizing the power they have to invent opportunity.  

LIVE: Matt can also take your training curriculum and create a fun presentation so that your group gets all the mandatory training information, no matter what field you are in and he will give them ways to remember and retain the information, and explain why it is important. With creativity, music, repetitive verses, and all sorts of styles, it will be the most fun your company will have learning. AND they get to be a part of the creative process, so they can take ownership in it, too.
VIDEO: If preferred, Matt can produce training videos that will be entertaining, informative, and better than the mostly boring videos that are out there now.  

INDUSTRY CUSTOMIZATION: Health Care, Manufacturing, Advertising, Software, Engineering, Government Agencies, Entertainment & more.  

Some Details...

Personalized Song: Matt will also find out information about your company and personalize a fun song with the key components of the work done and quirky traits there may be.

Matt has spoken to many corporations on many topics.  If there is an issue key to your company, Matt will find a way to present it clearly and effectively.

A few of Matt's Credits:

  • Comedy:  The Improv, The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, The Fox Theater of Detroit, Joe Louis Arena, Tiger Stadium
  • TV:  Comedy Central, Days of Our Lives, The X Files...
  • Movies:  Empire Records, Velocity Trap...
  • Commercials:  Fox NFL, The Grammy's, Pizza Hut, Hyundai
  • Corporations:  Capital One, Little Caesars, Detroit Tigers, 3M, Bojangles, Farm Bureau...