Matt is available for consulting health systems on how to improve patient experience through physician shadowing.  He will use his experience, share best practices, and provide the ins and outs of how to be successful creating positive measurable results.  Matt offers keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and individual training programs. 


  •  PRESENTATION:  Matt can come in and present a keynote presentation revealing all he has learned after his experience shadowing over 225 physicians is just a year's time.  All the ins and outs.  All the ups and downs.  What works what doesn't.  Biggest obstacles and greatest accomplishments.  A 60-90 minute presentation for leaders, chairs, executives, and/or anyone ready to make the greatest impact on Patient Experience.  

  • BEST PRACTICES:  Matt can do a breakout session explaining all the Best Practices and the deeper meaning behind each one.  This list of best practices was designed based on patient information gathered by focus groups, interviews, and studies.  These best practices have proven to create a better patient experience with measurable results.  
  • TRAINING:  Matt offers training sessions for individuals interested in shadowing physicians. Matt can breakdown each step to creating a successful shadowing experience.  Matt explains debrief sessions and the most effective way deliver feedback.