THis Keynote IS FOR EVERYone

I have presented for hospitals, salespeople, engineers, bankers, homemakers, teachers, students, colleges, senior citizens, kindergartners, and everything in between. This presentation is applicable for everyone. It provides us with a new way to look at our selves, our gifts, our talents. It allows us to think more creatively about what we have to offer.  Music is the universal language, which means we can speak to everyone in our own way.  It is important that we use our gift, practice with our instrument, learn theory, and experience the adventure it takes us on.

"we can't do without you"

(Song for nurses)

"We Can't Do Without You" is a song I wrote for the top nurses and their leaders at Henry Ford Health System for their Care Experience Champions Celebration.  This song is also dedicated to all the nurses out there, doing what you do.  And no, we can't do without you.  Enjoy!  

Customer service Songs

(Training video for Customer service representatives)

This is a Customer Service Training Video that I produced for a company to help teach customer services behaviors and tactics.  The company provided the basic lyrics of everything that they wanted presented and I wrote the music and chose the style in which to play it.  This is an example of how customization really adds to the value and speaks specifically to certain industries.  Enjoy!

entertaining ON A BUS

Yes.  I actually had an event at a conference where I was asked to speak and entertain with my guitar singing song parodies for participants taking the shuttle bus from the University of Kentucky basketball arena to the client's facility.  It was one of my most interesting jobs.  It was fun and dangerous (probably against the law).  The most difficult times were when we were turning and stopping, which is mostly what you do on a shuttle.  Even though I was hired to perform at the front of the bus, the bus driver still yelled at me to "stay behind the yellow line!"  Although it took a lot out of me, and I had to perform for at least 3 different groups, but I am so thankful for this memory.  This one will go down in history for me.  The whole thing was fun, difficult, dangerous, silly, unique, and one for the books.  I love the tough ones, maybe not while they are happening, but I feel accomplished and like I can do anything.  It is how I learn and grow.  It's the tough times that make us better.