1 “Physicians Are People Too” explains that while the focus is on patients, the key is to first figure out how to relate to physicians.  Learning, understanding, and listening to their struggles, their preferences, their reasons why they practice medicine and finding the best opportunity to relate.  This presentation includes several real-life examples of how physicians make a complete turnaround from being nervous, resistant, and sometimes downright offended by the shadowing process to embracing it, committing to certain behaviors, and actually having their scores improve. All the behaviors, tips, hints, tools, and insight needed to give the physician the greatest opportunity for the best results with each patient will be presented clearly and effectively.  

    2 “What’s Your Song?” Everyone has a certain style, a certain rhythm. A certain gift.  With music, Matt encourages all types of frontline caregivers to embrace and grow their gifts to achieve more satisfaction for themselves as well as patients. After hearing this presentation, some frontline caregivers have gone back to work and implemented their own creative process to encourage each other by complimenting the gifts of others. “What’s Your Song?” shows the need to push beyond their existing gift to make a bigger difference and receive greater success and satisfaction.  This presentation provides the with a process that can keep them from getting burned out.  They learn that their gift is the source of their happiness as well as their patients.  

    3 “The Elephant in The Room” There is always an elephant in the room.  A patient is either frustrated, in pain, frustrated, worried, scared, having a difficult time, experiencing something unimaginable, or all of the above.  This presentation provides simple and effective ways to identify and address any and all of these elephants..  Matt expresses the importance of acknowledging the Elephant instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.  He will provide key ways to deal with and move past the elephants. 


Matt is available for consulting health systems on how to improve patient experience through physician shadowing.  He will use his experience, share best practices, and provide the ins and outs of how to be successful creating positive measurable results.  Matt offers keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and individual training programs.